Jaina Theme Music Patch 5.1

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25 Responses to Jaina Theme Music Patch 5.1

  1. Wlarius says:

    Jaina has her own theme? She must be more important now than a few years

  2. MrBoBoTom says:

    Bad game. Greedy Blizzard. Terrible community.

  3. Stubbornness Sha says:

    Well, Jaina Proudmore is now someone with a reason to hate the Horde
    deeply. All she believed in, all she tried to protect – Theramore, a piece
    of land which could be considered “the beginning of a long peaceful era”
    and its inhabitants (such as Kinndy. Never forget) – got destroyed by some
    random fuckin villain which managed to destroy a faction to create one of
    his own. And worse, he manages to escape justice.

    I’ve got only a single thing to say: Jaina STILL has Antonidas’ Staff. And
    it’s empowered with the Thunder King’s strength.

    Don’t you also forget that, even without *us* or Y’shaarj, Despair, Doubt,
    Fear, Anger, Hatred, Violence and Pride still exist. Somewhere…

  4. Craziguy33 says:

    I hope Jaina is able to be peaceful and the voice of reason once more.
    Remember in Wrath Varian was reckless and wanted to destroy the Horde but
    it was Jaina that stopped him, sadly they have switched positions.
    I always did admire Jaina’s strength to defy hatred and destruction,
    unfortunately she has become her father: jaded, spiteful, bitter, and full
    of hate, i’m hoping in WoD some orcs on Draenor befriend Jaina or something
    so that she doesn’t stay so vindictive and reckless.

  5. slannmage says:

    Shame they ruined her story line like they do with everything in WoW.

  6. Gameshunter3012 says:

    Garrosh bombing Theramore is the same as the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor
    and the Taliban bombing the twin tower.
    I can’t understand why people hate Jaina for going insane. Is it because
    it’s just a game? So what? Does your brain turn useless when you try to
    fathom the story in a game but not when out of it?

    Not hating Garrosh and hating Jaina instead is like siding with
    Hitler/Talibans/Japanese bombers in real life. It’s wrong and it proves
    your brain is in deep shit.

  7. Baron Moork says:

    Did Garosh deserve for 2 expansions? I think he didn’t. Even Arthas has
    only one. WoD will be third expansion centered on the Horde.

  8. juan galt says:

    i love you jaina wow how a fake character i grown to love and get so
    attached to 

  9. Flavio Bianchi says:


  10. CadaverJunky8 says:

    Incoming Garrosh 2.0.
    Guess she’ll be one of the final bosses of the next expansion.

  11. tachikoma747 says:

    I love how so many Horde players call her the “Lich Bitch” and are finding
    all sorts of reasons to hate her. She’s such a complex character who was
    the cornerstone of reason and strength in the Alliance for so long, and how
    is she rewarded? Everything she loves is taken from her- Arthas, Theramore,
    her father. Yet Horde players can’t understand why she hates them even
    after their Warchief nuked Theramore and killed so many Alliance heroes. If
    the Alliance did that to a Horde city, they’d be calling for blood and
    justifying every drop of it along the way. 

  12. Monbergdk1 says:

    Seeing Jaina who wants to “dismantle” the horde makes me kinda sad. :(

  13. Jay0253 says:

    Death to the Alliance

  14. Houmadi Aboubacar says:

    Never forget Theramore

  15. TheHunterDemon says:

    “All i ever wanted was to study..” 🙁 Poor Jaina
    And to all of you who dislike current storylines. IT’S CHARACTER
    PROGRESSION ASSHOLES. I was getting tired seeing all the horde and alliance
    leaders sitting in their throne room waiting to be farmed. They finally
    decided to give them feelings, actions and reactions, expressions AND YOU
    HATE IT?? Oh the stupidness i’m surrounded with..

  16. Yuu Koutari says:

    Told my mom some things about Jaina and she was awestruck. (Note: She
    doesn’t game but was interested in these stories!) Now if only I could get
    her to play. Haha

  17. Arisen Hemloc says:

    I think Jaina will be the next “Garrosh” for a lack of a better term.
    Blizzards next person they can use as an end game boss. They’ll make her so
    hateful of the Horde that it’ll threaten the whole world. The only thing
    really keeping her from doing that is Kalec (Kalic? dunno) and even that
    may no be enough. She’s lost everything to the Horde. Her people, her
    father. Garrosh took everything that she’d given them and used it to
    destroy her people.
    King Wrynn would have been that “Garrosh”, but now he’s a bit more
    restrained. Jaina only has Kalec to hold her back. I think that Blizzard
    went the right path by having Jaina start to hate the Horde, but they sort
    of went a bit too quick. A slow fall into darkness followed by a massive,
    almost monstrous fall, would have been better. Like the fall of Arthas.

  18. andrewggah says:

    The last memory i got of Jaina(not sure why i wanted to type ”vagina”,
    anyway) is when she collaborated with thrall to end a demon in ”Cycles of
    This is why for me the lore stopped before the release of Warcraft. Chris
    Metzen and every other ”head” of productions has to understand that some
    things have to end at a point. Make em go away when they taste best

  19. Martin Georgiev says:

    For all that it matters when I listen to this I think of Rhonin and not of

  20. Saige Parker says:

    Even though WoW is just a game in respect, this poor woman has gone through
    so much and this song I think just represents her strength and her despair
    of what has happened to her even though she is tipping toward the deep end
    up but when you really think about her life it makes since that she is
    starting to break apart, she’s lost her father (I think her brother) and
    the love of her life I hope Blizzard isn’t to hard on her for a while I
    think she deserves a break with how much effort she has put into her people
    and should be given peace to dream of times between the horde and alliance
    where they could work together.

  21. Anto Antonov says:

    A version of this music plays at the Stormwind Cemetery.

  22. gutbolt says:

    I’m pretty sure that Jaina is gonna resurrect Varian’s wife, Tiffin.
    Tiffin will come back to life as evil though, and will seduce Anduin over
    to the dark side. Then she will kill him, which will force Varian to kill
    his own undead wife. But before Varian kills her, Tiffin will put a curse
    on him and he will slip into a coma. The alliance will need to shrink down
    in size and enter the kings body to fight the curse and save him. His
    organs will be different zones and there could even be a raid instance in
    his balls. 

  23. FilosfuRe says:

    I have my questions regarding this whole Theramore accident. If Theramore’s
    destiny was of getting destroyed by Garrosh in this way, how could Medivh
    knew that the future was in Kalimdor in Warcraft 3? Since he is the prophet
    and was right about many things, how could he went wrong on this matter? 

  24. Austin Roberts says:

    I hope Jaina will remember who she was after SoO, her days with Arthas, and
    hopefully she’ll remember that price Arthas paid for revenge. Those two
    characters were perfect for one another.

  25. worldofwarcraftman2 says:

    I just don’t understand why people seem to hate Cata or Jaina (now) so
    much? I know for a fact that DW was pro horde in WC2 beyond the dark
    portal.and so was cho’gal. But i love Mop and Cata and Jaina is an amazing